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CSDA welcomes you to join us for the 2024 CSDA Children and Families Policy Symposium on March 13, 2024, at the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown Arena in Sacramento, California!

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“Inclusive Voices: Equity in Family-Centered Services”

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


This year’s theme, “Inclusive Voices: Equity in Family-Centered Services,” promises a day filled with dynamic discussions. Dive into fundamental principles and practices in the opening session, where we’ll explore the essence of family-centered services, emphasizing the well-being and empowerment of families.

“Breaking Down Barriers” is a session designed to spark inspiration. Discover how parent empowerment becomes a catalyst for sharing experiences and strategies, addressing accessibility challenges such as physical, digital, and communication barriers. Engage with fellow parents as they share their journeys in navigating family services.

“Elevating Diverse Voices” is our next stop, focusing on the pivotal role of inclusivity in community partnerships. Learn how local governments can champion digital equity in public engagement across sectors, enhancing participation and ensuring a representative decision-making process.

Prepare for a thought-provoking experience in “Policy and Family-Centered Services.” Our diverse panel of advocates will dissect the impact of policies on family-centered services, sharing success stories and tackling remaining challenges. Join us in exploring the potential of collaborative partnerships to advance equitable policies, shaping a brighter future for California’s families.

Finally, a “Call to Action” awaits as state leaders unveil their vision for the future of child support and family-centered services in California.

This symposium is not just an event; it’s a journey towards positive transformation. Be part of this transformative experience – join us at the 2024 CSDA Children and Families Policy Symposium!

CSDA will not honor refunds requested on or after February 14, 2024.


Senator Menjivar
Speakers Jackson, Lee, Kilgore
Stay tuned for more announcements on presenters in the weeks to come.

Preliminary Agenda Outline

Session Titles and Descriptions

Session I: Core Principles and Practices: Intro to Family-Centered Services

Learn from experts about the core principles and best practices that drive the well-being and empowerment of families through family-centered services. This session goes beyond a typical lecture, allowing attendees to dive deep into the principles and practices that make a real difference in the lives of families.

Session II: Empowering Diverse Voices and Cultivating Inclusivity in Engagement with Community Partnerships While Collaborating Across Sectors

The workshop will focus on the importance of fostering diverse voices and promoting inclusivity in engagement with community partnerships. The speaker will emphasize the need for local governments to prioritize digital equity in their public engagement initiatives and community engagement strategies across various sectors. By doing so, they can effectively enhance public participation and ensure a more inclusive and representative decision-making process.

Session III: Breaking Down Barriers: Utilizing Parent Empowerment to improve accessibility to Family Centered Services

Learn about accessibility challenges and how Parent Empowerment can create a platform for sharing experiences and strategies. In this session, we will explore accessibility issues, including physical, digital, and communication barriers and provide a platform for parents to share their experiences and strategies in navigating family services.

Session IV: Policy and Family Centered Services: Building Partnerships and Advancing Equity

Join us for a thought-provoking session that brings together advocates from diverse family-serving organizations to delve into the impact of policies on family-centered services. This interactive discussion will shed light on the implications of these policies for the families we serve, highlighting both successful approaches and the obstacles that remain. Our panel of advocates will also explore the power of collaborative partnerships in enhancing community support and examine how collective efforts to advance equitable policies can pave the way for a brighter future and positive transformation for California’s families.

Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown Arena
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
United States


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Wednesday, March 13, 2024 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) (PDT)


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